Microsoft Introduced The Headphones For The First Time. New York (Microsoft) monitoring software is a new device farmer for its Surface series, and for the first time, the company has introduced the Notices Counseling Headphones for users. Over the last night, the company introduced Surface Pro 6 Tablet, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 (Desktop Computer) and a Surface Headphone during an event in New York, while announcing several new features of Windows 10 and Office 365.

What Microsoft’s Chief Production Officer, Kansas Pandey, likely to introduce a new laptop and tablet to Microsoft, said Surface Pro 6 previous model.

Microsoft Introduced The Headphones For The First Time

More than 67 percent more powerful and it will start at $ 899. Pharmacy laptop 2 will start at $ 999, and both devices will be available from various countries on October 16. Two devices have added a few feature updates and new colors, however, those wishing to upgrade a large design or USB port will have to wait for 2019.

The Surface ProScreens feature ET Generation Intel CPU, 12.3 inches display, half-an-hour battery life, SSD card, ability to increase storage to a TB and features for the first time in black color. At Genesis Intel CPU; 13.5-inch touch display in Surface laptop 2, 85 percent faster than previous models and Instant Online and Windows HelloSupport.

The most unique device of Microsoft? The Microsoft All-in-One Desktop Desktop Surface Studio 2 will start from $ 3,000, but its availability date has not yet been announced. It has a 28-inch touch display, 2 TB SSD, Suture Generation Intel CPU, DCI.

The Third, Oxide Transistor, Next Generation Pascal Graphics, 13.5 million pixels, and Xbox-box wireless controller is supported. However, the event was to introduce the Knife Counseling Headphones for the first time in the event. The surfaces headphone has been put to $ 350; which will be presented for sale in the first US.

IOS & Android

According to the company, these headphones are compatible with Windows 10, IOS, Android and Mac operating system. And when users remove them from the ear; they will immediately stop music or mute calls. These headphones are designed to keep the skype in mind; while it will work for 15 hours on Bluetooth; activity notification counseling and Cortana for 15 hours.

It will be 50 hours after turning off Bluetooth and Wire Mode of Offset and Noise Cancellation Act; while USB port is given for charging. According to the company, these headphones will be a full charge for less than 2 hours

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