California (Monitoring Desk) US technology company introduced the World’s First Modern Capsule Train. According to details; Hyper Loop Transportation Technology has been presented for the world’s first-Everest capsule train display; which is 105 feet (32 meters) and weighs 5 tonnes.

The American company introduced its new product in Aspen, the capsule train was named ‘Quintero One’, which has been developed from different metals. The company claims that the passenger train is an hour despite low pressure.

Capacity to travel within 1200 kilometers, the capsule will rub less on the railway track. The capsule train was presented by the Idea Company in 2013, the tube-assisted train, Las Agendas; also offers the ability to travel to San Francisco-Francois within an hour.

When the company presented the Idea in 2013, many specialists were identified by experts after which hyperloop stopped work on the project. No final announcement has been made about when the latest capsule train will be offered for the passengers’ convenience; although hyperloop claims that this invention will prove to be a new revolution in the world of transport

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